Shannon Courtenay 

We are proud to be sponsoring Shannon Courtenay on her journey of becoming world champion. Shannon is Southern Area Champ & International Box Cup Gold Medalist. Giver her a follow on Twitter and Instagram @shannon_courtenay.

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The British Irish Trading Alliance

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The British Irish Trading Alliance is a non-profit making organisation that encourages its members to build relationships to generate business through exciting networking, educational and social events held in both countries.

Our mission is to promote and strengthen trade between both countries through a friendly, driven and diverse group of like-minded professionals.

Set up by a group of Irish business people working in the UK, we offer a helping hand to people of both countries who are relocating and adapting to cultural changes in either country. We live by our motto: People who know people that help people and assist these relocating professionals in branching out and building relationships with other business people in Britain, Ireland and further.

Our board members are experienced business owners and professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors who promote BITA as a diverse organisation. A pre-requisite of membership is that connections and knowledge are shared, so all have the opportunity to forge successful and profitable networking relationships. 


The idea of BITA was born in summer 2012 when President Paul Whitnell relocated to the UK and found himself spending time creating links between the Irish and UK businesses he came into contact with. Soon realising that a unified entity made of skilled professionals would be much more effective and could achieve more for business people of both countries together than separately, Paul set about setting up a foundation that could help nurture these relationships.

A collection of Irish Business people were brought over to the UK by Paul Whitnell, sharing a vision of doing what they could to help Ireland get back on its feet following the recession. Some of this group who already had successful companies in the UK were also interested in how they could help, with the inclusion of Irish based companies in all sectors and what this would provide to the Irish businesses taking part.

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The London Irish Construction Network (TLICN)

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The London Irish Construction Network (TLICN) was formed in 2009 by a group of dedicated Irish businessmen all of whom are involved in the construction  industry in London. The objective of the group is to create and encourage new business for all members within the group. Those who have attended have benefited and the group continues to grow.

On May 25th 2010 TLICN was officially launched at The Irish Club. The event was a major success and was attended by some of the industry’s most influential decision makers. Guest speakers included Patricia Brady, Economic Attaché from The Embassy  of Ireland, Fionuala Pender, Executive Director of The Irish International Business Network and Mary Frawley, Executive Director of The Irish Club.

Building on its successful launch, TLICN is continuing to put together an impressive line up of guest speakers for its networking events. For more information on upcoming events please visit our events page. If you are interested in joining TLICN please visit our membership page for more information.