Why Eason Group UK & IRE?

We can take care of everything, without forcing you to relinquish control of the important decisions. We have placed thousands of talented jobseekers with satisfied companies. Our specialist divisions ensure you have someone who knows your sector and tailors the process to your needs.

We ensure that all clients receive a tailor-made service, an ethos underpinned by expert industry knowledge and clear sector understanding. We offer permanent, temporary, contract and interim recruitment services

Whether you are looking for a short or long-term temporary candidate, or looking to fill a permanent role, Eason Group has a national network of friendly, professional recruitment consultants to assist you.

Know what you need

The key to getting what you want? Knowing what you are looking for. That's where good planning comes in. Ensuring you have an in-depth understanding of the role you are hiring for will make the rest of the recruitment process easier and faster, since you’ll quickly be able to determine who has the experience required to successfully fulfill the role. It also ensures candidates have a clear purpose and planned goals for the position when they join, removing any ambiguity on where they fit within wider business objectives.
Key questions to answer:

  • Why is a new employee needed?

  • What duties and responsibilities will the successful candidate have?

  • What skills or abilities are required to succeed in the role?

  • Where does this role fit within the wider business structure? 

Our expertise

We know the importance of providing a service that meets ever-changing professional and regulatory standards, which is why we stay at the forefront of industry developments.  

Screening / Pre-employment Vetting

Knowing you’ve made the right recruitment decision is important. Outsource your pre-employment vetting to Eason Screening and we’ll support you with a team of professionals committed to protecting your business from reputational and financial risk.

We’re dedicated to implementing screening processes that save our clients time and money. Clients have saved up to £20,000 per year on their screening process by switching to Eason Screening and had their time to vet reduced by as much as 50%.

We are one of the UK’s largest pre-employment screening businesses with over 140 screening specialists, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every year, we complete over 350,000 end-to-end candidate vetting checks, over 170,000 references and over 60,000 police checks. In addition, we have 50+ years of recruitment experience to draw on, making us experts in the recruitment journey.

We’ve also developed our own bespoke online application system Xchecker. Using this application means all the required information for the entire screening process can be captured in a single form, saving you time and resource.

Conducting interviews

Eason consultants meet every applicant before introducing them to our clients. We believe the key moment is giving you invaluable contact time with your candidates at the interview stage. Good preparation is key to getting the most out of the conversation. With our interview summary you enter any initial discussions knowing what talking points are most important to cover, including highlights from their CV or application, and of course key requisites for the role. 

On Boarding 

Being the new person often feels awkward, difficult and uncomfortable. Here at our Eason Group we assit in welcoming your new person on board by ensuring  you have a welcoming company culture, achieving good impressions early on and gaining serious loyalty points by making a special effort to help your new candidate settle in:

The process of recruitment is not easy to do alone. But when you have a proven process to follow you wind up with more time to concentrate on the important stuff: finding a candidate that will fit your business, your budget and the role you are recruiting for. If you want further support and guidance, seek out a specialist in your sector here.