Information Technology

As a market leading IT staffing company with more than 25 years of experience, Eason recruiters are dedicated to specific technologies, skill sets and sectors, so you can be assured that a true expert will help you achieve your career goals no matter how far along your career path you are

Our recruiters staff for contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time jobs including:

  • Java, Mobile, .NET and Web Development
  • Infrastructure and Architecture
  • Network Administrators / Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Security
  • Support Technicians

​IT contracting

Not having a consistent job can be quite daunting at first but it can also have a positive impact in your future career. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new teams, face different challenges every day and expand your knowledge in the IT world by working in different sectors of the industry.

Here are some of many advantages of becoming an IT contractor:

  • Flexibility in balancing your work life
  • Control over your future career
  • Building your network and CV
  • Confident in interviews.

If you want to start taking control of your IT career and looking for new IT roles, here are four things you should be prepared for.

One step ahead

Think of it as opening up your own company. You’ll be paying your own taxes, filing your own paper work; it’s as if you’re your own secretary. You’d have to keep on top of things to ensure you’re on track and always be a step ahead. Continuously updating your LinkedIn and CV is a bonus, which will prepare you for the next job role before your contract ends.

Change and adapt

Every contract will be different and will constantly challenge you, whether it’s a new team, different system or simply management, it will be hard but rewarding at the same time. The benefit of this will enable you to develop your portfolio of using different software technologies and adapt to your environments with more confidence and professionalism. How you handle yourself will be crucial to how you succeed in each role.

Letting go

Whilst having a consistent team can have its advantages, it can also be a disadvantage. This is why becoming an IT contractor will allow you to avoid not just work politics but also any members of the teams you do not get on with. Always keep in mind that this is not permanent and you’ll be able to move on swiftly onto bigger and better things. However, this does give you an opportunity to expand your network with other IT contractors which will be considerably useful in the future.

Market yourself

How you portray yourself professionally will fundamentally define your next role. Whether it’s online or offline; building your network, a rapport with your past and current employers all determine how you’ll move forward and the direction you want to take in your IT career. Keeping in touch with your Hays recruitment consultant is also important, ensuring you are keeping them to up to date with your current status so you are aware of new opportunities that might come your way.

If IT contracting is for you then we wish you all the best in your journey ahead! Contact us for more information.