The management team at Eason Group are very interested in improving safety by preventing accidents. We need you to tell us how we can make working conditions safer and prevent accidents and incidents.

When you report an incident we will carry out an investigation into the root causes that will prevent future incidents and accidents. We operate a NO BLAME approach to these investigations and are only interested in preventing a re-occurrence.

What do we mean by an incident?

“An incident is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage but had the potential to do so. Incidents are warnings of accidents in the making, such as tripping over discarded materials, nearly falling into an unfenced excavation, or something that is wrong with a system of work. By accepting these warnings and looking for their causes we can prevent accidents.”

We want to encourage and promote the reporting of incidents. As an incentive we hold a quarterly prize draw for those individuals who have reported incidents.

If you would like to report an incident, please enter the details of the incident above and the details will instantly be forwarded to a member of our Health and Safety team.

Thank you for participating in this scheme, 

Joseph Swift, Founder and Director

Ray McVeigh Director

Gareth Richards, Director

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